Saturday, June 23, 2007

old horse

he is very old, allowed to spend his last years in the green meadow, he is always there when I look out of my studio



At Sunday, June 24, 2007 2:12:00 AM, Blogger Kimberley said...

Awww he does look very very old from the little I can see thanks for sharing with us!

At Sunday, June 24, 2007 2:34:00 PM, Blogger AphotoAday said...

Great shot, Trijne... The poor old fellow looks like he (or she) is about a million years old...

At Sunday, June 24, 2007 3:52:00 PM, Blogger steve said...

very nice close up and cropping--you've captured his age and essence here, and it's a touching story.


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