Saturday, September 22, 2007

Rodin's The Thinker


At Saturday, September 22, 2007 11:58:00 PM, Blogger griesmail said...

there is a lot to think about.
I wonder how many "thinkers" Rodin made

At Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:18:00 AM, Blogger Hans said...

There are three thinkers in Holland.. and one in Paris ?
This is a shiny one..

At Sunday, September 23, 2007 11:52:00 AM, Blogger AphotoAday said...

Hi Trijnie and Hans,

--You know, I used to know that number -- I think it was 12 or 18 of this particular version... I "think" I should do some reading up on Rodin... He certainly was prolific...

This one was commissioned by Mrs. Spreckles in the early 1900's... Mrs. Spreckles was the wife of the sugar baron, and spent a great deal of her husbands fortune patronizing the arts in San Francisco...

I was reading that Stanford University (about 40 miles south of here) has a great collection of Rodins, so I'd like to check that out some time...


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