Tuesday, April 08, 2008


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The gas that this coal based power plant is reduced largely to CO2. That is bad enough but the reason why it is not filled with mercury cadmium and dioxin is that it has been collected in solid form. The logic seems to be that that takes care of that. That is not the case of cause. This leaves us with at least 70,000 metric tons of contaminated solid waste. Where does that go then? Some of it goes into building materials. Some of it is used for foundation for our roads. Most of the most contaminated of this though is shipped to a deserted island in Norway… that is not in the EU and therefore not our problem. So you see there is no problem ;o)

If you think that a straw fired power plant is cleaner you are wrong because the straw that grows on our fields are chuck full of cadmium. It is much harder to explain why that is not a problem but I sure will try. Much more about that later


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