Wednesday, June 18, 2008

super magic happy time fun tip.

Hello. there is nothing spectacular about the above photo. sorry about that. But if i posted another masterpiece it would distract from the text i am presently filling in. If you are still reading, i just wanted to take the time to share a photographer's trick that i am not sure many know about. I remember using my old canon s3 and getting really amazing macros--like, bug antlers and shit. whatever they're called--probosciseseses. But when i moved up to a dslr i was a little disappointed to have all of those megapixels and no real macro ability. solution: buy a macro lens! god, no. i wouldn't even use macro enough to justify such a purchase. alternate and reasonably effective solution: remove your lens, turn it the other way, and hold it against the body. Now i must say two things. One, this definitely requires much experimentation regarding setting shutter speeds for the desired exposure; and there is, in fact, a way to 'lock' the aperture to a given stop--but you'll have to research that trick on your own; moreover, fiddling with the zoom of the disembodied lens has interesting effects. Second, please be careful not to get dust in the body or lens opening. e.g., if zooming in on a plate of flour particles, do not sneeze..
alright. that's all.


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