Saturday, July 15, 2006


Out with Mother and Sister for My Birthday

Here's 3! getting in the way of my picture-taking.

So, b/w the arched glass building in the fore picture and the green-topped building in the back picture, the Twin Towers used to stand.

Henri.... now it's your turn....


magic hole




handrail for Calvin


wadioactive wabbit

Sagittarian colors

Friday, July 14, 2006


[captured en junio]

Wild Strawberry


All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Poor one Pijama Flyer
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

For my next number...


I made a friend a while back...

There is a story here, but rather dull and long.
Is he not adorable? I patted his back after the rescue, gently, with the tip of my forefinger.

Fields of Gold

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


firetower..?Whatever.... i walked manny miles for this picture and not on a road
but on a stoney kind of beach and it was not easy to walk and on the end we have to go the whole way back,thats why we cold this way the death walk(Der todesmarsh)

All fixed by Henri banks Himself

All fixed by Henri banks Himself

emergency water bag !!!
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Industrial Utopia

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Ferocious!?!... Naaaaaaah! Just a lazy cat yaaaaaawning! :)

And now ...The Friggmoider!

I think I do need to talk to this man.

Beach Glass



[captured en junio]



well hello again.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I did it, i shot the moon !!!
( dont ask me why but i couldnt get the moon it was my own personal problem )
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Bleak Girl Speaks Red Words

Evening in the sun

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A day in the sun
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Yesterday morning 5:30 am. Unable to sleep. The sun was rising, beautifully red. Decided to take some pics...



Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd

Crazy Syd Barrett is dead at 60. Pink Floyd was a big part of my musical listening from age 11 'till today.

Hungry Ants !!!
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Underground Barcalona
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

I have a fetish for frames and recursion!

[captured en marzo]

chomp chomp

Turn right on tulip



Introductions tend to, in the cultures I am familiar with, begin with a handshake. So here we are; my hand.

I must admit I'm a trifle confused. I'm not quite sure how, or why, I have gotten here. Granted, I've been lurking for quite a while, but as to my posting-presence? Explanations have been foggy. From what I recall of conversations with Madam Heather, I think it may have been my girly bits?
Christopher had a hand it in too (my getting here, not.. err..), of course, but all I have managed to get out of him is a confession of love for Brock. Or am I mixing things up again?
Regardless, here I am. Thank you to all involved, and to Sir Henri for unleashing me upon your little world. I look forward to de-lurking and being able to comment upon all your lovely images legitimately. I confess I have been here long enough to know the creators of the images before I scroll down to see the name on the post...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shapes and Patterns.

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