Saturday, November 04, 2006

my fuzzy faced friend

Why Knot?

Henri Banks was fixing

this eve.

The Spawning

I stopped by a river to get a shot of a sunset. I forgot the sunset when I saw the Chinook Salmon spawning so close to shore. These Salmon always return to their place of birth to spawn and this poor hen was banged up from her trecherous journey from the Pacific Ocean to this spot 100 miles up the Umpqua river in Douglas County Oregon. Chinook Salmon die after they spawn. This graceful lady has finished her life's task. Her eggs are buried in a gravel nest beneath her, the male has fertilized them and gone his own way... and she is waiting to die.

Afternoon Moon


Friday, November 03, 2006


Henri Banks was fixing

The past today
Henri Banks was fixing

A sunny day
Henri Banks was fixing


For Jo... cause I'm sure she'll have the same reaction that the one I had...

Leaves, Moss and Rotting Wood, Oh My!

Ergonomic Improvements

Ergonomic Improvements, originally uploaded by garyjwood.

Inspired by Henri's post yesterday, this is my desk at work. (The original flickr post has notes, if you're curious.)

We're a relatively new company, not yet making a profit. Therefore we're not buying new office furniture. Most of it was old, used and bought from liquidators.

On my chiropractor's advice, I recently installed the cordless keyboard/mouse combo and the adjustable keyboard tray. It's made a big difference, but I'm still feeling the effects of repetitive-strain injury (RSI).

When I Get Rich....

I'm going to have a summer home on a lake with a boat in the garage instead of a car. I'll dive off my back porch and swim in my back yard...and fish from my kitchen window.. when I get rich.

Colors in the night

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I wish...

I bought that CD recently, and notice that on almost all of his picture, Stevie Wonder wear his glasses. So, I had a fantasy, a photographer one, I would love to take pictures of Mr. Wonder without his glasses... I know it's crazy, but... I wonder....
So, I wanted to share that with you, and also I would like to know if you too, sometimes, have photographer fantasy... Oh, I'm sure you do... :O)

csb? where oh where oh where

sorry i haven't seen him since i 'got back'?? just curious!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Shapes and Patterns.

My pumpkin queen
Henri Banks was fixing

Yesterday, the last rose...

Blue sky here too!

Nine o'clock, with some clouds too...
Hello World!


Blue sky today
Henri Banks was fixing

Henri Banks was fixing

Hello world
Henri Banks was fixing

The river Main by night

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This was last night..Tried posting them then, however, my PC just didn't wanna cooperate. These are my "kids" ,Kendal as Jason, Colbey as Ghost Rider, and Brooklind as Punk Diva.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

rock solid

solitary confinement

The coolest Halloween decoration I saw...

This is not a dummy...

TV Lounge
Henri Banks was fixing

Henri Banks was fixing

If you can't beat 'em...


I am spooked by birds...especially crows...

although this was intended to be a raven costume, it seems to tie in nicely...



White & Nerdy

This is really, really funny!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok Melodycensor, here's what scares me--spooky sculptures coming to life (made by my spooky students)!! Ahhhhhhhh! Heeelllllllp! Happy Halloween all!!


Going to school!

It's a quarter before one o'clock, my daughter and her friend are waiting for some other friends to go to school... But... Wait! There's a Hollywood Star on the other side of the street! Marilyn? Madonna? No... But I'm sure she'll be the Star of the day... it's their teacher...


Happy halloween

For Calvin...

Sunday morning, at the hotel in Ottawa, looking at the window, I made this one thinking of you...


Spooky Mile

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