Saturday, April 16, 2005

-----------Dirty Me-------------
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"ordinary people"alway thinking about "eat" ,,thinking about "Job" thinking about "family"thinking about "Love" thinking about "money" thinking about "art" thinking about "house hold" ,,Why we have to thinking about "old War"?? too match busy for us!!!! "ordinary people's life" is "Borning"??" I don't think so,, we have to contact more all "ordinary people" in the world.not so diffrent,,, Posted by Hello


,,,but,,he said "we don't have to need kill Earth people" don't worry!! yeah! this is very nice!! ,,and also he said "oh- where is "Elvis Museum"?,,,oh!! I think,, "King" save our's LIFE!!anyway,, he is very nice guy!!!! Posted by Hello

also,this is his "UFO" he said,"MADE IN KOREA"is very nice!!,,,, Posted by Hello

after the war
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Friday, April 15, 2005


gimme your hands

the eyes and the mouth of jo Zee Posted by Hello

golden teeeeees
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瞑想"me i so u" is "zen"'s word,, just sitting ,and feeling "nothing" inside your mind, If you got say," yeah!!! i got it about "zen!!!" but you can't say anything,, it's "zen" thing, zero(0)is one(1) ,"one" is "zero" it's "zen" but I don't have a kind of "religion",,ahaha,,,just i respect it Posted by Hello

real "SA MU RA I" 's picture Posted by Hello
everybody's hair style is old Japanese good hair style "cyonmage"
now ,,nobody else,,,

"Meiji Emperor" is 1852-1912 japanese 122nd emperor ,now is 125th "heisei"Emperor , we alway change "the name of time" now is "heisei"16th ,,,I was born at "syouwa" 46th(BC 1971),, "Emperor"die ,,change the name of times,, I think you can't understand,,ahaha,,,,sorry,,  Posted by Hello

it's "key" is changing "Japanese to english"  Posted by Hello

"delay Lama" is very nice softwere for making music ,,

you know . original about him is "Dalai Lama",,

he is very nice guy!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Voyeurism Posted by Hello

measharim jerusalem

measharim jerusalem
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hi boys and girls

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Night bar
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boiled "corn"and barning barning,,, and a few "soy souse" into the corn , and a few japanese saki(sake)" into the corn,and again keep baring with into a few sousouse &saki,, and again and again long time reparting,,(you know, "DO NOT YOu DO" until black corn!!lol)
the "corn" this is very taste!!!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Ernesto or Henri
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Monday, April 11, 2005

man in on rei (sorry! here is fullhouse!)  Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Green Posted by Hello

Painted Eyes Posted by Hello

I dont Like The Dutch but the dog is cool he is a typical belgium dog
link to belgium dogs

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Where are the native americans
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manga(comic) what about "ZEN"(‘禅) Posted by Hello

manga(comic book)about story of "bible" Posted by Hello

"a dog of Flanders" is famas classic Japanese animation everybody know that
when i was kid , yeah! watch it, but really now I got to know about it's from "Belugium" !!!  Posted by Hello

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