Saturday, September 02, 2006



few pics from scanned negatives


Nyhavn, Copenhagen (DK)

Gillelaje (DK)

My Music Collection

My Music Collection
Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra. I swapped out the original 30Gb drive and put in a 40Gb drive.

Were you speaking to me?


...to BLOG 17

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Wishes ...

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small station

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I DO love music!

collection part1
This is a portion of my collection...at last count I had over 600 cds...

do you love music ?

OK folks, lets see shots of some of your music collections here, be it cassettes, cds, records, even eight-tracks for heaven's sake! Show us your tunes!


[danke, merci, thank-you, dziekuje for your words, all..]




Friday, September 01, 2006

Leaving BCN... flying to L.A. (CA)

They're our friends. Left Dani (23) right Jacob (26). We meet Jacob five years ago. He's a fantastic bass player. We told him all the times that Spain don't have future for a good player and we encourage him to leaving Barcelona and going to USA. Finally they buy the tickets and the august 30th... they're flying to Los Angeles (California). A week before Jacob introduced us Dani... he is the fifth generation from a juggler circus saga and they take a unplugged live concert in our home. Ladies and Gentleman live for you... Stop-Stop !!!... enjoy it !!!


Sojourner Truth


Playing with Photoshop agaiiiiin?

I've called this one "Reincarnation as a Koi Fish"...

moved !!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hello webpixies and webpixers.
I sit now at an internet cafe--my only means of using the internet at the moment. A lass with short blonde hair sitting two chairs down clicks away upon a mouse whilst a seemingly disgruntled fellow mutters curses behind the privacy curtain. I sit at booth number nine.

I shall try to catch up with all that i have missed and post the images i have been capturing in that interlude. This is an unhappy and lonely and, simultaneously, a most busy time. I have, in the same week, searched for a room downtown, moved, chosen the courses for the upcoming year, and dealt with a set of particularly flaming financial hoops.

Hope to see you all soon.



ten years ago almost every building in Berlin looked this way !

At Night

Run Rabbit Run.

Can anyone tell me the title of the painting and its painter in this video still?
I'll give triple bonus points to anyone who can tell me the name of the video.

katydid (yet another six-legged visitor at my door)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Main station ... Leipzig has a very beautiful station

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Kiteboarder Ogunquit Maine


Today i found my Friend Nick back he lives in Ontario,Canada

Together we climbed the djebel Toubkal a Mountain in morocco



Mia Cara Nonna

We lost her in 2004.

The Way we Were.

No, it's not me. It's my lil' sister, Clo. In the eighties. I love this pic. And today (tomorrow)... on the 30th of August, its her birthday. Happy Birthday, little sister! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Henri ...?

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say leaves!

Violeta 1992 - 2006 In Memoriam :_(

Violeta 1992 - 2006


Who is that woman with the golden mask

We in ยด97

Me at Easter +/- 1962 (my sister after me)

Hi gang... I'm working in a new blog..... a blog for remember the past best moments from our lifes.
If you would sharing your memories send me your email & I'll take you contributors ;-)
Thanks !!



The way we were...

August 30, 1988.

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