Saturday, June 10, 2006


for c.s.b.

stairs down to Ombra, Borgata, Atlantic City.

Josie's in the house


She don't look back

new life

Hi gang !!.
This is my first bycicle. It's an urban folding bike.
I'm called it Diana (today in Spain it's Diana's day) and in Spanish bycicle it's female.
I work three km far away from home and I try to take a new urban life.
My motorcicle (Matilda... also female in Spanish) sleeps into garage waiting for a longer routes.
I wish & hope be persevering and pedal daily to work and return alive to home.
Best regards.
dib ;-)
Ah, I buy also a helmet.... a king size XXL ( I've a big head :-DDDDD )


So much pollen in the air it was like it was snowing in Berlin :-O
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

night of dandelions



At Night.


When I woke up he was in my room standing over me. :)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Thanks Gary!


food market in Clot's district (Bcn)


Peek a boo !!! Thanx for the eye Jenn See
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Paysage Redux

Before, as seen on merlinprincesse's blog:

After some photoshop tweaks to even the contrast and darken the sky:

in honour of Merlinprincesse ;-)


Photo Challenge: Decay!

My new challenge to all of you is "Decay", find something that is molding, cracking, crumbling, or splitting. Just find anything that is falling apart and take some new pictures.

This picture is the outside of the shed where I found that freaky toilet, hopefully the photograph will inspire you to get out and photograph your own decay.


PS: We will miss you Heather!

unfinished crossword...[alternate title: not smart enough to know how to fill in the blanks..]

Don't get these in your eye

Ashish & Jo collaboration.

Ashish gave me this pic to play with awhile ago. I use Picasa which has been frustrating me lately because they changed the formatting of their pic sizes. My pics come out mini, medium and too big for the borders of Blogger. I cannot figure out how too resize them. Except putting into Paint and then posting. If Picasa is a companion to Blogger- why?

Emo eye redux


Hey Jenn See what about this eye?

Spinning memories


Click ,listen and Tell me about it !!!

This is the sound of
the sick world of white Trash
Tell me about your feelings,
toughts,anger and maybe fear

Just give me your comment!!!

tortoise live

With summer coming soon I find I'm always breaking out the Tortoise cds. There's something about this instrumental band from Chicago's music that reminds me of summer and seems to make sense with the warm weather. Making records since 1994, Tortoise are a hybrid of jazz, electronica, western, and rock and paved the way for many instrumental bands to follow. Here are a few pics from one of their dynamic live performances, shot in DC a couple of years ago.

Snurched from "Art of Cam"

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All fixed by Henri banks Himself

speaking of scary eyes

my eye without a contact lens (or, what happens when sand gets in my eye.)



Ass over teakettle

...wise American expression.

Tribute to the flower lovers on WebPix.

scary eye! beware...

madam sequel [that is, jo] found diamonds too..

[photog. by jo from T.O; post by her implike friend]

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"no trespassing"

house on the point of the island where i grew up, New Jersey.
(with blogger's inaccessibility in mind...)

Neopatria Str., nice name...


We need to go here after all those creepy pics !!!!
All fixed by Henri banks Himself


Bigger here

Volcano Cleveland (Alaska)









[have i created a large enough buffer between my image and jozee's beautiful creation?]

For Cal


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

For Brock.

more ice

ice sculpture melting, Mount Holly, NJ.

young turtle contemplates the moon

Wow, the bug pix are fantastic, as are so many others of various subject matter here. Here's a tweaked photo of my pet turtle who is a constant source of inspiration. The glowing light is actually his sunlamp reflecting off the water.

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