Saturday, July 01, 2006


[captured in april]


United States of Lovin'

Mas Que Nada
Sergio Mendes with Black Eyed Peas

Happy Fourth of July!

Made by H.B. In Barcelona 2006

Now, it's my turn to show you some happy faces!

Henri playing with "Chondy", one of my pets


Henri Banks ?... no HAPPY Banks !!

"Dad" Henri captured by Dib in Barcelona 30/06/06 at 11 PM.... and the life continues


My Cousin's Daughters

They love pink.

same world, different window onto it

[captured 11 de mayo]

Friday, June 30, 2006

The Third Webpix Meeting

This picture we made for jennSee
i had no chance to say something and Dib didnt know either so this pic is made for her !!

Candy Shop

My toy cam. Click on title for 50 Cent.

UPK Restaurant

UPK Restaurant

Another toy camera shot.

Our View

It was wonderful to share the vista with Mp, Clo and Gene.


Photo by Gene.

Saturday, 24th of July 2006... A webpixies meeting. We had decided a few weeks ago that we would meet in Maine. Clo, Gene and I were going in Wells, and Jozee and her daughter Alex decided to join us. It clicked immediately between us! And we were at the same motel. Serendipity! So we talked all the afternoon, and we went for dinner at "Barnacle's Billy" in Perkin's Cove, near Ogunquit. We had much fun, talked a lot and took many pics. Gonna show more here and on my blog soon.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gumballs at the mall

bonjour la vie

William Shatner Sings Rocket Man

Because we need something funny after all of the sadness of the past week



Caged Garden

Caged Garden

Shot with my toy camera last week.

For Jenn ...

love is stronger than death

For Jenn...


Guys, I know it's been hard for everyone to try to figure out when and what to start posting .I'm a habitual poster and I have not been really sure what to post.But as I thought about it, Jenn was an artist and i'm sure she would want us to keep sharing our view of the world with the "family"! :) So with that here is a pic of some strangers. They were soooo photogenic.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I wanted a perfect ending. Now I've learned, the hard way, that some poems don't rhyme, and some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next.
Delicious Ambiguity. - Gilda Radner


une grande douleur ... mais ne t'inquiète pas, il y a des gens bien là-haut ...

For Jennifer M. Cakert, her companion, her family and her many friends.

Many beautiful and touching things have been said about Jenn See. I was just reading them, and one thing appeared to me, one thing that I already know because of my own mourning from my late husband, and it is that some people will never totally die. Even if we didn't knew Jenn for a long time, she left us a very strong and special impression. She really was a special person, and we will remember her forever. That means she will live forever in our hearts, because of her talent, because she was a very sweet person, a very beautiful person. There will always be a place for her in my heart, and she will always be a part of our Web-Pix family. We love you Jennifer!

When I took this pic last year, I titled it "Trying to Reach Heaven."
I now dedicate it to Jenn.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Oversaturated on purpose.

Link to Jenn See's obituary.

Thoughtfully posted by J Kirlin.



She was a great Soul. I have known her almost since the first time I was on Blogger. I probably found her by JKirlin's blog. Or maybe she found me... I don't remember. She once told me in an e-mail that she loved our group. That's is why she was commenting. And I asked Henri to invite her on our blog. Thanks to Henri, he did immediately. :)
She has been with us just for a few weeks, but I'm glad she was. You have met her, and you have loved her. She was gentle and nice! And she was a sensitive artist! Go see the pics on her blog if you have not already done it! She has some wonderful self-portraits!
I'm not sad for Jenn... I am though for the one who loved her and who are going to miss her very much, especially her boyfriend and her family. I am a believer. And I believe Jenn is Heaven or in the Light or in whatever is beyond us.
I'm pretty sure Jenn would agree with me. Life must go on. We must go on with our nice blog. And never forget her. So, on a brighter note, I want to tell you that Clo and me have met another very nice web-pixie this week-end. That is why we were late to comment about Jenn's death. We were in Maine, on vacation, with our friend Jozee! I will post some pics of our meeting in a few days. And I think about all of you, Web-Pix members. I love you all and send you all my prayers! Yes, life must go on! Godspeed, Jenn!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Remembrance and Sympathy

I read the news today, oh boy.

It's especially hard to lose one so young and full of life. My deepest sympathy to Jenn's friends and family.


The flower of remembrance for
- Jenn See

Taken 6.24.06. Ogunquit Maine
Ogunquit= beautiful place by the sea
I will remember her as I remember other loved ones lost whenever I return there.

From Jenn's Blog Site

if you are in the area and so inclined, jenn's celebration, we're not calling it a funeral, will be held on tuesday morning, 6/27 at 11am at:

wimberg funeral home

1707 new roadlinwood, nj 08221

Please do not send flowers. we are setting up a scholarship fund for artists and musicians in jenn's name. We feel that this will be a good way to further jenn's legacy. anything you'd like to donate, no matter what or how much, would be graciously received. when i have more information, i will publish it here on the fish.

bare patch



I had left a comment on her site regarding this image. i had all but asked for the original so that i may 'play with it'. but i did not say this. In my inbox but a day later i received this and the words
"one original red umbrella for you..."
i tried playing with the image, but could not. It was already perfect.
i am certain she would not mind my posting.

we have all lost a friend...
Good night, sweet fish.

[photo by oldben]

Beautiful Girl

Sorry to those who saw my earlier post, I didn't realize what had happened. It really was the worst possible timing on my part.

With that aside.
When beautiful people pass away I celebrate their lives with beautiful things, I suppose that is my coping strategy.

We all miss you Jenn, it is horrible to see you go so soon, you have been so kind to us.
Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

'Gas Station on Fire'

[captured in march]
['Gas station on fire'
by Robert Hailman;
photog., treatments by Christopher]

thank-you, josie..

[captured in may]
[reposted via flickr because blogger likes to supercompress, ruin my images! ]

faces in a monolith

Somewhere onetime


Csb's request

Special request remix for the vinyl lovers in the house. CSb©

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