Saturday, June 17, 2006

Little Boxes [the title for the unmonkeyedwith b+w version]

some silliness with colors [i was due for some of this..]
*winks at jozee*


Superdib comes back !!!


a photo of a dark room seen through the window of a door in a room seen through the window of a door seen in the reflection of a window to the outside

i could not sleep so i looked in my holiday file from last year !!
All fixed by Henri banks Himself


What could I possibly say to explain this image except that I like poka-dots, acrylic paint, and Andy Warhol very much.

Decay Anyone??

Two Questions

(1) What happened to the rest of the building?
(2) How many different ads were painted on this building?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Agbar Tower (bcn)

pamela anderson !!!???




Both have a rest on a leg !!


back to the future


My last pic before holiday
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Happy Father's day.

Think about your daddy this weekend.

smash cake celebration !

Seeing Heatherpink's recent post of her little one year old boy inspired me to post this photo of my nephew who recently turned one as well. Here we see him really getting into what the local grocery stores call "smash cakes", made free for any little person celebrating their first birthday.


'The Pink Opaque'
[a series of images inspired by the muzak i love]

Aikea-Guinea from The Pink Opaque by Cocteau Twins

Fish eye with a strong B/W effect
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

I just love birds...

- Do you think she's going to eat us?
- Nah... Don't worry! She's just one of those crazy blog photographer! Just smile, we're going to be seen all around the planet!

At night.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bird houses



Sorry for my absense.
Just one of those times where you hafta break, not even really by choice.
I guess I just put my personal priorities on the back burner... and it's definitely been hurting Not to even start on my "eat, sleep, work repeat" schedule.... I guess it's also one of those times in my life (just graduated and moving onto College) where it's supposed to be a little messed up.

I'll stop my caterwauling.

Hopefully I'll finally be able to play with my camera again sometime soon.
Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on my fellow photobloggers, I'm sorry for leaving you guys, I'll try to be back more-- promise. I hope I haven't missed much, or at least that I'll be able to catch up.

Thought I'd hop into the 'Decay'. Not my best work in my opinion (out of focus, raw, odd composition) but I figure it's worth enough.

Calvin's favorite.

My favorite.



Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thank you Ashish !!!
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

Connected to Texas

Sorry, its a cell phone pic.


First, I thought that Gary's recipe for the monochrome overlay was the same as the one for diffusion. So I made a diffusion. You can see the original pic on my blog... As you can see, there is a loss in details! :(

Then, I tried the monochrome overlay.... OH! Nice! I like that. And it's really FUN to do.... The result is better. You can keep the details of the pic! :)

Then, I oversaturated...You know me. I can't not do it! *teehee* I must say I love both pics.... Thanks Gary! :)



more decay

my balkony
All fixed by Henri banks Himself


what about this art colection !!?
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

machine decay

Here are some photos I took recently of an abandoned construction vehicle. I tried getting these posted earlier but Blogger was being naughty. Better late than never I guess. Hopefully I'll get more of these posted this week. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My world as I see it

jo© Secret work photo. Shhhhhhhhh!

speaking of cheap cameras & strange effects...

had to share: my old mega+2 (free with someone's pc) did bizarre things to bright light.

the sun became an intersting subject...

Chestnut Leaves and Weathered Paint

After shooting hundreds of photos with the Digital Rebel over the last two weeks, I needed a change. I took my $25, 1.3 megapixel toy digicam for a walk at lunchtime today.

Lato jest...[part iv of iv]

A girl for Cal and Goldo

jo© No fighting!


... de Paraguay. Salud! Posted by Picasa

workin guys
All fixed by Henri banks Himself

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